Conelak has been in the Electrical Contractor business since 2004.

About Us

The Company's headquarters are in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico and employs over 20 full time employees.

The Company prides itself in delivering quality products and services by demanding the same from all our employees and vendors.


Construction at electrical installations, distinguishing ourselves by our quality and reliability, supporting ourselves with technology for our administration and processes, obtaining installations that last and for their efficiency, are fliendly with the environment.


To become a nationally recognized company for the quality of the service and its facilities, being consistent with our values, where our workers are committed to the results.

Our Values

We have a fundamental obligation to carry out our daily duties and provide value in the community.

Capacity to go further than our obligations, finding alternative options and opportunities to create new solutions.

Commitment from every member of our team to do our job with excellence. Accomplishing it to our satisfaction and market standards.

Permanent excellence when carrying out a project to completely and consistently satisfy the needs of our clients.

The habit to better ourselves in our personal lives and also that of the organization, including technical aspects as well as operation processes.

Always proceeding with the integrity to win over the trust of everyone else. Responsibility

Follow through on the contracted commitments in a timely manner reflecting exactly what was agreed upon.

Acting always with honesty, keeping congruity between what is said and what occurs.